About Gracie

Gracie Trotter began her racing career driving go-karts at the ripe old age of nine. Now in her seventh year of racing, she is currently running Legends cars for Joe Ryan Race Cars in the #11 machine, and super late models for Bond Suss Racing in the #2 Toyota Camry, part of the Toyota Racing Development program.

As a third generation legacy racer – both her father and grandfather were also racers ­– Gracie was at the tracks from the time she could walk. “I’ve always loved the feeling of racing,” says Gracie. “I love the competition and spending my weekends at the track.” That’s quite a departure from the interests of most girls her age, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She is definitely the exception to the rule as she is one of the only girls you’ll see at these racetracks ­– and she is one of the youngest of all.


So how did Gracie get started in racing?

By the time Gracie was 5, she started asking about racing herself. Understandably, her dad wasn’t quite as excited as she was. “I was hoping neither one of my kids would want to race because I know how hard and expensive it is,” says Tracy Trotter. “It’s almost impossible to make it as a racecar driver.”



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